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  • Piano Lessons Edmonton

    Piano Lessons Edmonton

    Affordable Online and In-Person Piano Lessons in Edmonton

    At Musicworks Canada, we are committed to making piano lessons accessible and affordable for everyone. Our piano lessons in Edmonton offer a wide range of options for beginners, intermediates, and advanced piano players to learn or hone their craft. We strive to make piano playing an enjoyable and rewarding experience by providing our students with experienced instructors and additional resources such as tutoring and academic classes. We are also proud to offer piano lessons for preschoolers.

    We have several convenient locations throughout the city where you can take lessons in person or opt for online piano lessons via Skype or Zoom. No matter your budget or location, we have something suited to meet your needs.

    __Beginners Piano Lessons in Edmonton__

    Our beginner piano lessons are designed to foster a love of music and give students a foundational understanding of piano playing. Our instructors will teach you the basics such as reading music, proper piano techniques and how to play chords. We also offer piano accompaniment lessons for budding singers who want to learn how to accompany their singing with piano music.

    __Intermediate Piano Lessons__

    Our intermediate piano lessons are tailored towards those who have a good understanding of the piano but need help mastering more complex pieces or improvisation techniques. Our experienced teachers will guide you in developing strong piano skills and refining your technique so that you can take your music to the next level.

    __Advanced Piano Lessons__

    For advanced piano players, Musicworks Canada offers private piano coaching sessions with our professional musicians. In these individualized sessions, we focus on helping our students hone their piano technique, explore new music styles and theory as well as develop their piano playing skills.

    __Preschool Piano Lessons__

    We also offer piano lessons for preschoolers to help them gain an early start in the world of piano music. Our piano classes are fun and engaging with plenty of activities to keep your little ones entertained while they learn.

    At Musicworks Canada, we’re committed to helping everyone from beginners to advanced piano players find success through piano music. With our easy-to-afford piano classes, convenient location and experienced instructors, we have something for everyone.

    In Addition

    Convenient Location:

    Our piano instruction center is conveniently located in Edmonton, Alberta. This makes it easy for students of all ages and levels to take piano lessons at their convenience. In addition, our online piano lessons offer a convenient way for students who cannot make it to our center to learn piano from the comfort of their own home.

    Experienced Instructors:

    We are committed to providing our students with instructors who have years of experience teaching piano. Our instructors will not only teach you how to read music but will also help you gain an appreciation for piano music and its many styles. Each instructor offers personalized instruction tailored to your needs as a student, so you can be sure that you will receive the best piano instruction possible.

    Additional Lessons, Tutoring and Academic Classes:

    At Musicworks Canada, we offer piano lessons for all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced piano player, our instructors are here to help you reach your goals. In addition to piano lessons, we also provide tutoring services and academic classes to help students learn more about music theory and composition.

    Preschoolers Program:

    Our piano program for preschoolers is designed to teach children the basics of music at an early age. Through fun activities and interactive games, our teachers will introduce your child to piano playing in a safe environment. By enrolling in our preschoolers' program, your child will gain the knowledge and skills needed to become a piano player.


    - Affordable piano lessons for all levels, from beginners to advanced players

    - Convenient online piano lessons available

    - Experienced instructors offering personalized instruction

    - Tutoring and academic classes available

    - Preschoolers piano program offered.

    Piano Lessons Edmonton
    Musicworks Canada
    Piano Lessons Edmonton
    8120 Beddington Blvd NW Bay 103
    Calgary AB T3K 2A8

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    "ESTEEM DREAMS™ is like emotional vitamins for children."

    – L.T. Woodburn, Ph.D, President of California Consulting Group

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Dr. Suzanne Simpson Dr. Suzanne Simpson, creator of ESTEEM DREAMS™ was born and raised in Iowa and has been a practicing psychologist in La Jolla, California for the past twenty years. Dr. Simpson believes that the introduction of ESTEEM DREAMS™ to your child can greatly enhance his or her development of a healthy emotional foundation. Such a foundation can be the gift of a lifetime.

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