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    Music Store Surrey

    At Musicworks Canada, we offer a wide range of services for those looking to learn music. Our Lynn Valley location offers music lessons for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced, as well as instrument lessons and music camps geared towards children.

    Additionally, our River Road location specializes in SPRIX/tutoring programs and preschool classes to help young learners develop their musical skills.

    Top-Rated Music Store in Surrey

    Music instrument lessons are available at both our Lynn Valley and River Road locations. We teach a variety of instruments such as piano, guitar, drums and voice. Our experienced instructors will provide individualized guidance tailored to each student's needs and goals so they can reach their full potential.

    At Musicworks Canada, we understand the importance of having quality instruction to help you reach your goals. Whether you’re just starting out or have been playing for years, our instructors will provide you with the support and guidance you need to master the instrument of your choice.

    Here's some of what we offer:

    Music Lessons

    Music lessons are also offered at both of our locations. We teach all levels and genres, including classical, jazz and pop. Our instructors will work with you to create a personalized lesson plan in order to help you reach your musical goals.

    Our Music Camps are designed for children aged 6-13 and are hosted at the Lynn Valley location.

    Music Camps

    Our camps provide an enjoyable and educational experience for children as they explore different musical styles, instruments, and performance techniques. Our experienced instructors will make sure your child has a fun and meaningful camp experience while learning the fundamentals of music.


    At our River Road location we offer specialized SPRIX/tutoring programs. Our experienced instructors will help your child stay on track and excel in academics while developing their musical skills.

    Preschool Classes

    Our preschool classes at our River Road location are designed for children aged 3-5. We offer a range of activities to help stimulate young minds and encourage them to explore music through storytelling, singing, instrument playing, and much more.

    Explore Our Music Store in Surrey

    At Musicworks Canada, we offer an extensive selection of instruments, accessories, and sheet music for all levels.

    Visit our music store in Surrey to find a wide range of instruments from guitars and drums to brass and woodwinds. We also have a variety of popular books, videos and recordings so you can enhance your musical knowledge.

    Music Instrument Sales & Rentals

    At Musicworks, we are proud to offer our customers an excellent selection of instruments and accessories. From guitars and drums to keyboards and sound systems, we have the perfect instrument for any musician. We also offer our customers a great selection of rental instruments so you can try out something new without making a major investment.

    Visit Musicworks Canada's Music Store in Surrey

    Contact us today to learn more about our music services, SPRIX/tutoring programs and preschool classes in Surrey. Our experienced team of instructors are available to answer any questions you might have and help you find the right program for your musical needs. Let us help you reach your musical goals!

    Music Store Surrey
    Musicworks Canada
    Music Store Surrey
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    "ESTEEM DREAMS™ is like emotional vitamins for children."

    – L.T. Woodburn, Ph.D, President of California Consulting Group

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Dr. Suzanne Simpson Dr. Suzanne Simpson, creator of ESTEEM DREAMS™ was born and raised in Iowa and has been a practicing psychologist in La Jolla, California for the past twenty years. Dr. Simpson believes that the introduction of ESTEEM DREAMS™ to your child can greatly enhance his or her development of a healthy emotional foundation. Such a foundation can be the gift of a lifetime.

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