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    San Diego Living interviews Dr. Suzanne Simpson regarding ESTEEM DREAMS™

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    Construction Survey

    Know more about Construction Survey

    One of the leading companies that provide state-of-the-art survey facilities and services in terms of engineering and construction is Okanagan Survey and Design. Starting from mapping, layout, site plans, volumetric and topographic survey up to constructional and structural layout, Okanagan caters valuable and top quality service at a reasonable expense.

    Our company has molded a solid and reputable brand in the surveying and land development business as we partnered in the success of many small type and large scale projects through the use of technologically advanced equipment and surveying facilities.

    Construction Survey and other Services

    Our team of expert surveyors offers a holistic professional survey approach within and British Columbia. Thus, we are fully equipped to ensure specialized services including review for dam safety and break analysis, hydrographic survey in terms of rivers and creeks, bathymetric survey for non-tidal type of water, monitoring of settlement as well as deformation occurrence, planning of sites solely for developmental permits, and other types of surveying such as RTK and static GPS, and as-built.

    1. Construction Survey

    We already have three decades of long term top quality survey services to places like Lake Country, Kelowna, Penticton, and Vernon. Because our team is composed of a wide range of project surveyors, you don’t have to worry about finding the appropriate expert for your needed service regardless of how complex it can be. We have full pledge experts in the field of Civil Engineering, geomatics, and water quality who can professionally accurately handle and accomplish the work right on time according to the agreed contract with complete design and specifications.

    Areas and items as part of the construction survey include manhole types with rim for storm and sanitary purpose, water line services (such as bends and hydrants), utility boxes (shallow type) for telus, shaw, and hydro boxes, gutter and curb for the construction machine and subgrade core, aboutements for bridges (as well as piles and anchor bolts), and gridlines for main layout of the building, base corners, as well as offsets for excavation.

    With our more experienced and well-versed crew members, you can ensure to get highly reliable work data with enough accuracy and efficiency.

    1. Drone and Aerial Mapping Drone and Services

    As part of our mapping accuracy service, we provide in-house equipment such as drone mapping camera together with other UASs or UAV types of mapping services that we usually provide throughout the British Colombia area.

    We have a few prospect sites that we commonly consider in doing the mapping. These include construction sites which are used for progress and payment updates, for images with higher resolutions and video monitor with 4K capacity utilized in the long distance communication, layouts for a vineyard, and large sites for the topographic survey conduct.

    Contact Details

    We love to discuss further details regarding our services. Just reach us through Okanagan Survey and Design at or you may call us at 250 861 5656. You may also send us a message through email for more detailed service queries or project proposal through this address:

    Construction Survey
    Okanagan Survey & Design
    (250) 861-5656
    Construction Survey
    210c-347 Leon Ave
    Kelowna BC V1Y 8C7

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    "ESTEEM DREAMS™ is like emotional vitamins for children."

    – L.T. Woodburn, Ph.D, President of California Consulting Group

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Dr. Suzanne Simpson Dr. Suzanne Simpson, creator of ESTEEM DREAMS™ was born and raised in Iowa and has been a practicing psychologist in La Jolla, California for the past twenty years. Dr. Simpson believes that the introduction of ESTEEM DREAMS™ to your child can greatly enhance his or her development of a healthy emotional foundation. Such a foundation can be the gift of a lifetime.

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